Charm Candle “Sweet Blueberry” – Necklace

“Get ready! It’s going to be an forever fruity ride into the blueberry aroma world. The delicate and timeless blueberry aroma reminds you of your childhood adventures in the home forest and carries you in your mind to pleasant and relaxing memories.”


ALL candles hide wonderful jewelry, the value of which ranges from 15 euros to 5,000 euros.

1/100 wins 100 euro jewelry
1/1000 wins 1000 euro jewelry
1/5000 wins 5000 euro jewelry


Height: 14 cm
Diameter: 8 cm
Burning time: 100+ hours


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High quality

Inside the candles are hidden only the best quality 925 sterling silver jewelry. Read more


All candles are made with care and love from 100% Estonian handicrafts only from the highest quality soy wax.


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